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Reconnect, Relax and Recharge Through Surf and Yoga in a Women’s Wellness Retreat 

If you are looking for new experiences, need fresh energy in your life, feel tired and uninspired, need healing time and want to do what your heart desires? Than a woman’s surf and yoga retreat might be just what you need to gain a new perspective, expand your horizons and bring positive energy into your body, mind and soul.

Why join a woman’s retreat?

When you let go of daily responsibilities you can give yourself the gift of self-care and love. You’ll get off the fast track and re-discover your own rhythm. You’ll also have precious time to reflect on what you want to manifest upon your return home.

Recharging, rejuvenating, renewing – these are words associated with all wellness retreats. So what’s different and special about a retreat for women? Can a retreat that’s specifically for women take your own personal journey one step further?

Retreats in general, provide the opportunity to step back from the demands of daily life, reflect and re-orient your focus and priorities. During a retreat, many moments of quiet introspection can help you rediscover what is important to you, and what you want to manifest. Retreats inspire you to make positive changes, as well as appreciate and have gratitude for what you already have in your life. And while ‘finding yourself’ is something that can happen unexpectedly on any retreat, there is a special atmosphere in all-women’s retreats that stimulate inspiration, empowerment and new perspectives.

Being with all women tends to bring out a sense of sisterhood and support. Women bond, laugh, cry, get sexy, act silly and express ourselves in full color. Discovering common ground, and sharing life stories and rites of passage with other women helps you connect, not just with them, but with parts of yourself that you may have lost touch with.
In this kind of uplifting atmosphere, it can be easier to direct your attention towards yourself, restoring your mental and physical energy as it starts to flow into rather than away from you. This lifts your spirits, revitalizes your body and boosts your confidence.  At the same time, the freedom to observe yourself without feeling observed shifts from self-consciousness to self-awareness.


What’s special about a surf and yoga retreat?

Surfing and yoga work in harmony together, both requiring strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Most importantly they both require you to be in the present moment. Surfing and yoga are both pure indulgent and yet so simple. It’s a great way to get fit and tone and sculpt your body, and it only takes a yoga mat, a surfboard and some waves.

“Surfing will leave you feeling alive, at peace and truly connected with Mother Nature. There is no greater feeling in the world than sitting on your board, looking to the horizon and waiting for your next wave to come in. Out in the ocean you experience what it means to live in the moment and to forget everything else around you. It’s meditative and calms your mind. You feel the magic of the ocean, its energy and being connected to it. The thrill of taking off on a wave and the rush of the ride is truly amazing.”

Surfing will make you glow as you connect with mother nature, feeling the wind blowing in your hair, the water splashing gently on your skin and the sun radiating its warmth on your body, whether you have just rode the face of a wave or stood up for the first time. Yoga will circulate your blood, eliminating many toxins, which will have you radiating with health. The feeling of both is pure bliss and they will both leave you smiling from the inside out.

Surfing and yoga both are conversations between your mind, body and soul. Both teach you to quiet your monkey mind enough to concentrate on catching the next wave or executing the next pose. They are very grounding experiences and a great chance to gain clarity in life and help build your mediation practice.

Just like a challenging yoga pose, where you need to surrender to your breath and gently fall into the pose when your body and mind are ready, surfing teaches us about “Patience”. In a world that is built on control its nice to surrender and just go with the flow and wait for the wave to roll in on its own time, or for the pose to come when we are truly ready.

Whether you manage to quiet your busy mind through yoga or find a quiet beach where you are out on the water alone. Both will soothe your soul. It will give you space to quietly reflect on life, and allow the answers to everyday questions come into your head. It will put your everyday life into perfect perspective.

The beauty of both is that if you don’t succeed, you stop, learn, re-focus and feel better prepared for the next time. It’s an endless discovery of both physical and mental strength. This is why the awakening of ones mind, body and soul through surfing and yoga is so inspiring on every level.

You will be amazed at how the camaraderie inspired by an all-woman retreat brings with it a sense of sheer fun!  We’re simply wild and radiant when we let loose and allow the full range of our emotion and beauty shine.  All-women retreats encourage personal growth, empowerment, inspire to follow your own bliss and are a great deal of fun. So in summary, the best retreat to go for is an all women’s retreat that focuses on surfing and yoga!

For more on our retreat philosophy please click here.


(Text inspiration from Gayle Olsen and Claire Charters)



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Reconnect, Relax and Recharge Through Surf and Yoga in a Women’s Wellness Retreat