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Our Philosophy

Escape to paradise for a week of fun, relaxation and reconnection.

Positive Mind : Positive Vibe : Positive Life

“Thanks so much for a week of surfing fun coupled with peaceful reflection… A truly magical experience, I will definitely be back :-)” – Liz December 2014 Retreat Guest

Our retreat was founded on the belief that true wellness and happiness is achieved through the balance between mind, body and soul, therefore our name Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali. Our main focus, surfing and wellness, connect these three and nurtures this balance. Learning to surf gives women a sense of accomplishment, developing a deeper trust within. Surfing accompanied with yoga strengths and aids this process in reaching a restored balance.

Our holidays are about making you feel good about yourself. We provide a serene atmosphere giving you time and space to reconnect to mind, body and spirit. Many of our guests are solo travelers who have set out on a new journey and have come to our retreat looking for inspiration and empowerment to recharge and renew. By sharing their personal experiences with like-minded women and realizing they are not alone, they quickly step out of their comfort zones, opening their hearts and minds to experiences usually daunting to them, such as learning how to surf, practicing yoga or trying out holistic therapies.

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of women, building our program with the key elements: yoga & meditation (mind), surfing (body), and wellness (soul).

We trust in:

  • surfing’s benefits and its positive influence on life and wellbeing
  • the power of the collective and sharing this experience with like-minded women from all over the world
  • the therapeutic effects of the ocean and beach
  • the special healing energy of Bali

Our retreat cultivates:

  • the mind-body-soul connection, restoring balance and happiness
  • spiritual, emotional and physical health
  • a space for women to reconnect, nourish and indulge their senses finding their inner glow and confidence, becoming the happiest version of themselves

Our retreats are a perfect surf & yoga getaway for women of all ages traveling solo or with friends. We take great care in providing a safe, fun, supportive environment with the ideal balance between activity and free time, offering various  activities and wellbeing options. We also focus on Balinese culture inviting you to experience this magical place. Do as much or as little as you want, choose the retreat package that suits your personal preferences and goals.


Treat yourself to something extraordinary – have fun, get pampered and enjoy an adventure with:

  • Surf  teaches you patience, self-empowerment and courage. Keeps your mind, body and soul healthy, strong and young at heart.
  • Spa and holistic treatments let you unwind, find balance, tranquility and reconnect with your natural state of wellbeing.
  • Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation leaving you feeling reconnected and restored.
  • Balinese Culture will teach you open heartedness and compassion while unveiling beauty and magic.

Discover the enchanting Island of the Gods, its unique blend of lush landscapes, stunning beaches, rich traditional culture, and friendly locals. The spiritual healing energy will leave you feeling inspired, light hearted and smiling.


As Balinese and Swiss founders, we created this retreat to share our love for surfing, Bali and the desire to inspire and help others. We provide a special space for women to come and recharge their batteries assisting them in their individual healing and rebalancing journeys, using our expertise and knowledge acquired over many years.  As practitioners ourselves, we realize how important it is to heal the ‘whole’ person (mind, body, spirit). Together with our multi-cultural background, Bali expertise and years of experience we assure you will experience one of the most memorable holidays ever.

We warmheartedly invite you to laugh, enjoy life and share your love and passions with fellow surf-sisters in your own Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali Retreat – a trip of a lifetime is waiting for you.



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