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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mind Body Soul -€“ Surf Bali?

Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali is a retreat that specializes in women’€™s surf holidays in Bali. Our boutique – style escape combines surfing, yoga, holistic wellness and culture into well-being retreat packages located in Seminyak, focusing on surfing, yoga and Balinese culture. We offer wellbeing programs for women who mainly want to surf but who also want to indulge in some pampering and other fine spoils in life.  All our activities are aimed to open the hearts and minds of our guests thru awakening the mind, body and soul.

2. What if I never surfed before?

hat’€™s ok, we are specialized in teaching beginners how to surf with zero experience! You will be learning in a very supportive environment with the best instructors who will tailor each lesson to fit your level so you can progress at your own pace. You will receive daily analysis of the lesson to help you.

3. What if I can already surf, will I be able to improve my skills during the retreat ?

Our program tailors to all surf levels from beginners thru to advance surfers. We have some of the best Balinese surf instructors and guides who are qualified to International standards and will teach and guide you to some of Bali’€™s famous breaks. They will analyze your technique and help you improve your skills. Please see our Surf page for more information.

4. What if I never have done yoga before or I am a beginner?

Our classes are suitable for everyone, so this is not a problem. Our instructor will personalize the yoga positions to suit your level.It is not mandatory to attend the classes, but it is a great complement to your surfing program with countless benefits. Please see our Yoga page for more information.

5. Do I need to be fit and know how to swim?

Yes you will have to be a good swimmer and feel comfortable in the ocean. To have a fulfilling surf experience it is helpful to have a reasonably good physical condition, as we will be in the water 2hrs a day, but is not required.

6. Can I come alone? With friends ?

Yes absolutely! Most of our guests are solo travelers and we have special discount rates for groups of 4 or more. All of our activities and meals are shared in a group and you will make friends in no time. We have created a very safe space for women traveling solo.

7. If I come alone, can I share a room ?

Yes. We will pair you up with a fellow surf sister to share a room. Part of the retreat experience is to meet great women from around the world.

8. Why only women ?

An all women’€™s retreat creates a special, supportive, non-intimidating female friendly environment, especially for beginners learning to surf or learning yoga. It makes it easier and less threatening to know everything is taken care of upon arrival in a foreign country.

9. Do I need to apply for a visa before arriving in Bali ?

No. You will obtain a VISA ON ARRIVAL at Denpasar airport: Check the Indonesian embassy website and with your travel agent for more details. For almost all nationalities a VISA ON ARRIVAL is issued. You will pay $25 USDfor this visa when you arrive at an Indonesian airport. This Visa may later be extended for an additional 30 days at the local immigration office. Although USD is preferred, Immigration will accept Euro or Indonesian Rupiah; change will always be given in Indonesian Rupiah. It’s a good to have the right amount of dollars at hand. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry to Indonesia! Every flight guest leaving the country has to pay an airport tax of 150.000,- Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). If you stay longer than you are allowed by your visa, you will have to pay an overstay fee (should be avoided!).

10. What will the weather be like ?

Bali has a tropical climate with two seasons dry and wet.April to November is the dry season on Bali, humidity tends to be far lower and it is not uncommon that you go a month or two without a single grey cloud or rainy day. Daytime temperatures range between 27-32 Celsius all year-round. The water temperature fluctuates between 27°C and 30°C so there is no need for a wetsuit. At night during July and August it can cool down to as little as 24°C From December to March the West Monsoons can bring heavy showers and high humidity, however days usually remains sunny with clear skies as the rain showers usually happen at night and tend to be to be very strong and yet pass quickly. It can rain at daytime sometimes, as the weather anywhere is always a bit of gamble. Sometimes it won’t rain the whole week and then a few days in a row.

11. Can I bring my own surfboard? Do I need a wetsuit ?

Yes please bring your own board if you feel more comfortable surfing with it. Some airlines transport surfboards free of charge provided your total baggage weight is under 20 kg (plus 5 kg hand luggage). Please check with your airline beforehand on their surfboard and luggage transport conditions. With water temperatures between 27 and 30°C you can easily leave your wetsuit at home.

12. What is the age range of your guests?

The average guest’€™s age range from mid 20’€™s to late 40’s, but we believe age makes no difference in a retreat like this but rather the attitude and open mindedness of each individual lets all age barriers melt away. Our retreat attracts women who are young at heart either in age or in spirit. Our youngest guest to date was 21 and our oldest 55.

13. Can I drink alcohol? Is it available at the retreat?

Yes you can drink alcohol but other than a welcoming cocktail or mocktail, alcohol is not included in your surf retreat package. You are very welcome to bring any alcoholic beverage to the Villa. The villa staff can also purchase any alcoholic beverages you want to have.

14. Do I have to participate in all of the planned activities during the retreat ?

No, all activities are optional. This is your retreat week and you may decide how much or little you do.  All the activities are of light to moderate intensity.

15. What is a typical day at Mind Body Soul?

7:30am Yoga€ 9:00am Breakfast 10:30am €“ 1:00pm Surf lesson 1:00pm Lunch 2:00pm-5:00pm Afternoon activity-practice surfing on your own with boards at school, shopping, relax at the beach, massages, spa treatments, etc.5:30 pm Commence for dinner for sunset time we will head down to the beach to enjoy the famous Bali sunsets while sipping on a delicious drink before dining out in one of Bali’€™s world-class restaurants.* Schedule and times may change due to surf lesson times and planned activity.

16. Is there an age minimum to attend your retreat ?

Yes, guests must be 18 years or older to attend Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali unless under supervision of a guardian. This must be discussed and agreed upon by MBS Surf Bali and the interested party.


How to get here

Bali’s international airport is named Ngurah Rai International Airport€ and belongs to area of Denpasar (DPS). Direct flights to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar (DPS) are available from most major cities in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Europe to Bali, you have to expect to change at least one time. Find a flight to Singapore (SIN), Hong Kong (HKG), Bangkok (BKK), Kuala Lumpur (KUL) or Jakarta (CGK). From there get a connecting flight to Denpasar (DPS), Bali.

You will obtain a VISA ON ARRIVAL at Denpasar airport: For almost all European and North American nationals a visa-on-arrival is issued. You can pay $25 US for a visa when you arrive at an Indonesian airport. This VISA may later be extended for an additional 30 days at the local immigration office. Although USD is preferred Immigration will accept USD, Euro or Indonesian Rupiah; change will always be given in Indonesian Rupiah.It’s a good to have the right amount of dollars in cash.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry to Indonesia!

Every flight guest leaving the country has to pay an airport tax of 150.000,- Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). If you stay longer than you are allowed by your visa, you will have to pay an overstay fee (should be avoided!).


What’€™s the currency on Bali? The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The fluctuating exchange rate is approx. 12.000 Rupiah for 1 EUR. Please check a currency converter for correct exchange rate to date.

Can I get money from an ATM? There are lots of ATMs on Bali where you can get Rupiahs with your credit card or bank card (international creditor, e.g. Maestro, Cirrus). The maximum amount per transaction varies depending on the ATM, but the absolute maximum per transaction is 2.5 million Rupiah (approx. 215 EUR). Several transactions can be done one after another. Please check with your bank about transaction fees!

Credit Cards Most larger shops, restaurants and businesses accept VISA and Mastercard credit cards. They usually have a minimum transaction fee of Rp 100,000 or approximately ‚¬ 8 and often add a 3-5% surcharge on anything purchased using a credit card.


What do I need to know about medical and health care? Common illness in Bali are otitis and diarrhea. Avoid swallowing ocean water (which can cause Bali Belly). Treat your ears with antiseptic eardrops (bring from home) after every surf and get rid of water blocking your ears and in your sinuses as soon as possible (at the latest before you go to bed). If ear problems develop we recommend you to consult a doctor.

To prevent diarrhea, wash hands, slowly adapt to spicy food, wash fresh vegetables or fruit or peel it, do not drink water from the tap and check the condition of the food. If you get diarrhea, we highly recommend charcoal tablets.

What vaccinations do I need? Vaccinations against hepatitis A, hepatitis B and typhoid and refresh your tetanus vaccination. If you are planning on staying for an extended time period a rabies vaccination is also a good idea. Do not touch any stray dogs or other mammals (not even cute puppies). If you are bitten (or scratched), seek medical attendance immediately and get the vaccine shots. Please consult with your local doctor and start your vaccinations plenty of time before you start your trip.

Bali is mostly malaria-free however there have been reported cases of dengue-fever in Bali so to minimize the risk of catching any mosquito born diseases it is always recommended to cover you body with mosquito repellent; especially at dusk and dawn. If you are planning to travel to other destinations than Bali, within Indonesia, you might want to take malaria medication with you. Mosquito repellent can be purchased in Bali at affordable prices so there is no specific need to bring mosquito repellent from overseas.

What insurance should I take out? Everyone should have a travel health insurance. Apart from treatment expenses and drugs on location, this also covers return transport by an emergency service. A must for everyone and mostly valid for a whole year! Apart from a travel health insurance, you can also take out a casualty insurance (hospital daily benefits or even a pension in a worst case scenario) and a travel and baggage insurance. Please check with your local insurance agencies to get the needed coverage.

What’s medical care like on Bali? If you are taking any medication it is recommended that you bring a supply for the entire holiday. Common pharmaceutical products, such as antibiotics, antiseptics, painkillers and plasters are all available from local pharmacies at low prices.

Take plenty of sunscreen with you as the sun in Bali is strong and constant and sunscreen is very expensive in Bali. SPF factor 50 and some Zinc would likely be best if you are planning on being in the sun i.e.: surfing for extended time periods.

Medical care in the tourist regions of Bali is good and up to western standards (hygiene, disinfection, educational standards of the medics, etc.).


Are drugs allowed in Bali? NO! Do not possess, accept, traffic or use drugs of any kind in Indonesia —€“ it is strictly prohibited and prosecuted to death  penalty!

90% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, which does not ban the use of alcohol. Hence, alcohol is available in almost every supermarket and restaurant. Wine and liquor are more expensive than the local beer (Bintang) and Arak (a spirit made from rice and coconut).

We take no warranty for the accuracy and completeness of this information and any possible damage resulting there from. We recommend all travelers to inform themselves in detail about the travel destination before departure.



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