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The journey starts with you:


This blog post, one of our favorites, was published on October 20th, 2014 after the lovely Frauke (Germany) joined us but was sadly erased when we launched our new website in January 2015. This is a great read to remind us that the journey towards renewal starts with each of us – Enjoy!


When asked what goals would you like to achieve during your Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali Surf & Yoga Retreat, a recent guest wrote the following:


My goals for my body:

I want …

to slim

to be fully fit again

to build up muscular

to develop endurance


My goals for mind, body, soul:

I want …

to eat healthy

to live healthy


My goals for my mind/soul:

I want …

to accept myself

to think positive

to find my way how I want to be and for what I meant to be

to find the way back to myself

to find my inner peace

to laugh more often


She has perfectly summarized what Mind Body Soul – Surf Bali Retreats are all about. We provide a serene atmosphere giving you time and space to reconnect to mind, body and spirit. Many of our guests are like Frauke, solo travelers who have set out on a new journey discovering different life paths that have come to our retreat looking for inspiration and empowerment to recharge and renew.

By sharing their personal experiences with like-minded women and realizing they are not alone, they quickly step out of their comfort zones, opening their hearts and minds to experiences usually daunting to them, such as learning how to surf, practicing yoga or trying out holistic therapies.

The key elements in creating our successful rejuvenating, wellbeing retreats are: Surf lesson which teach you patience, self-empowerment, courage and love for nature. Keeps your mind, body and soul healthy, strong and young at heart.

Spa treatments and holistic therapies let you unwind, find balance, tranquility and reconnect with your natural state of wellbeing.

Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation leaving you feeling reconnected and restored.

Bali’s Culture will teach you open heartedness and compassion while unveiling beauty and magic.


So join us here in Bali and you will be taken on an incredible seven day journey filled with lots of fun, relaxation and once in a lifetime experiences.


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The Journey Starts With You